Therapy Setting

  • Office located centrally in Oklahoma City’s Asian District
  • Meetings are offered in person or online
  • Accepted forms of payment are credit or debit card, cash, or check

Services Provided

Individual Therapy

Available for 10 years old and up. A one on one relationship between you and me. We will explore and process together towards your preferred goal. We will most likely cover one if not more of the following topics: personal identity, self-perception, traumatic events and influences, relationships, societal messages, roles and responsibilities, anxiety, fears, stress, transitions, grief and loss.

Couples Therapy

Available to all couples, at any stage of relationship. I will meet with you and your partner(s) to address your collective needs. Couples therapy can help with: marriage preparation, commitment, communication, sexual struggles, safety and trust, extended family conflict, life transitions, financial conflict, and infidelity.

Family Therapy

Available for all families, no matter the structure. I will work with you and various members of your family unit to join together against a common struggle or to work towards a common goal. Common topics are: communication, safety, inter-generational conflict, transition to different family structure, and co-parenting.

common questions

Oftentimes people seek out therapy when their previous efforts at addressing their struggles haven’t succeed. This is similar to how we don’t go to the doctor or urgent care clinic until we notice that a sickness or injury is too serious for us to care for at home. You are the only person who knows if you need therapy to address your struggles.

A common meeting lasts between 50-55 minutes. Meetings can be scheduled for longer amounts of time due to the need.

There is no simple answer. I work with each person, couple, or family to decide when they are ready to end their time in therapy. My personal goal is for you or your family to reach a point where therapy is not a need to address the struggles or stress in life. Depending on your needs, therapy could last from 1 session to years.

Oftentimes people schedule meetings based on the intensity of their struggle and need. This can range from meeting twice a week to meeting once a month, or even just having periodic check-ins quarterly. You are the judge of how often we need to meet.

My rate is $120 per hour, and additional time is billed at this rate. Payment is due at the beginning of each session. Accepted forms of payment are credit or debit card, cash, or check.

I do not accept any insurance, but I can provide a receipt as an out of network provider for you to submit to your insurance company. I have made this decision because I have a strong belief that therapy is co-created and co-owned by you and me. Inviting other institutions or parties into the process gives away some of autonomy and decision making power that we have. For instance, using insurance means that your confidential information has to be submitted to and maintained by your insurance company. This can include diagnosis information, treatment plans, and meeting notes. While I maintain confidentiality of your records and our meetings, once they are submitted to an outside party, we can no longer control what is done with that information.

I am not educated or licensed to prescribe medication, but if you decide that medication is something you would like to explore, I can assist you in finding a prescribing physician that will be a good fit for your needs.

Confidential means that what is said during our meetings and all information you submit during the course of our meetings is protected between you and me. I am bound by law and my licensing body to not disclose any information without your consent, barring the following exceptions: 1) You are an immediate danger to yourself or others; 2) You disclose a situation of suspected or known child, dependent, or elder abuse or neglect; 3) I receive a subpoena or court order. In the event that a disclosure has to be made, I will do my best to work with you to protect your information and confidentiality as much as I can.

If you aren’t satisfied with the outcomes of our meetings, you are free to end the service when you see fit. I can also assist in the process of discerning what service(s) or clinical style you would prefer.

Call me at 405-862-3838 and we can discuss your needs and preferences for scheduling. If I am not available to answer, please leave a message with at least your name and a good phone number to call you back.

My office is located in the Cameron Building (2915 N Classen Blvd) on North Classen between NW 28th & NW 29th street in the Asian District of Oklahoma City. Parking is available behind the building. My office, 120-B, is located in the suite at the first door on your right as you enter from the parking lot.

You can download and print this document, which contains four forms for you to complete and bring to our first meeting. If you have questions about the forms, you can ask and complete them during our first meeting.